About Mozilla

The Mozilla Project is dedicated to promote innovation and to help keep the Internet open. We do this by developing open source internet client software, designed from the ground up to comply with open standards, to be cross-plaform, and to be internationalization-ready. The result is an award-winning suite of products that have been translated to over 50 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, that have been ported to XXX platforms, and that are widely-reknowned for their excellent standards support. Along the way, we have also created excellent developer tools —like the Venkman JavaScript Debugger and Bugzilla, our enterprise-grade issue-tracking software.

All Mozilla products are free software, and we mean “free” as in freedom. You can download them for free. You can distribute unmodified copies freely. You are free to examine the source code, and you're even free to use that code in your own projects under the terms of the open source Mozilla Public License.

Mozilla is a community project, bringing together the collective talents and energies of hundreds of volunteers and partner employees from all over the world. Cooperation is key to our success, and it is integral to our development model. We have a large, active development community that interacts via newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC channels, and web sites, and we welcome all newcomers. All our development takes place in the public eye, because given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. We believe that software should compete based on the quality of its implementation, not how well it can lock people into a proprietary system, so we cooperate with our competitors and standards organizations to establish and implement interoperable protocols.

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Corporate partner or individual contributor, professional hacker or mildly-technical bug-reporter, visual artist or marketing writer: the Mozilla Project welcomes all comers.