About Mozilla

The Mozilla Project is the open source software developent project that creates and maintains the Mozilla family of internet software. Our philosophy is that software should be Free, that software development should be an open and collaborative effort, and that to preserve innovation and a competitive market, software must follow open standards, competing on the quality of implementation, not cleverness of vendor lock-in. All our development takes place in the public eye, because given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. The Mozilla Project brings together the collective talents and energies of hundreds of individual volunteers and corporate teams from all over the world, coordinating their efforts through the virtual Mozilla Organization.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing the Mozilla Project with legal, financial, and infrastructure support. The Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors oversees the Foundation and its activities from this perspective.

The Mozilla Corporation is a taxable subsidiary wholly owned by the Mozilla Foundation. Its purpose is to facilitate the Mozilla Project's interactions with the customer, commercial, and business worlds.

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Corporate partner or individual contributor, professional hacker or mildly-technical bug-reporter, visual artist or marketing writer: the Mozilla Project encourages you to get involved.